Why History Matters: History Career Bulletin Board

Every year students ask the same question. “Why does history matter?”

Sometimes they are well-meaning and genuine. Sometimes they are just wasting time. Sometimes they are being down-right difficult. But the question comes without fail each year, even if I have already explained.

This year I decided instead of just answering their question, I was going to show them. I created this History Careers Bulletin Board so that my students could see just one aspect of why history matters. These are careers that they could possibly go in that require a knowledge and understanding of history (or geography, as I teach that as well).

This bulletin board has changed the conversation. Now students come to me and say, “Tell me more!” I just had lunch in my classroom with a 9th grader, who told me that she loved history but wanted to work in an office. Did I know of any careers that could put those two interests together? I was thrilled to point this young girl toward a few college options, as well as degrees related to both history and offices. 🙂

Another student spotted the career “Travel Writer” on the bulletin board. She proceeded to research a country that she wanted to visit, discovered that the citizens of this  country struggle to gain access to fresh water, and dreamed of starting a non-profit that would provide the people of this country with tools to access fresh water. She hopes that working for a travel magazine or website someday will give her the opportunity to bring attention to this cause.

If you want to try this Bulletin Board, I have a starter kit with all of the careers for a very reasonable price in my store. Check it out, save some time, and inspire your students!

What do you do to inspire your students to use history in their future?

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