What I Cannot Live Without This School Year

The school year is coming! The school year is coming! In a few short weeks, most of us will back in the swing of waking up early, teaching, caring for students, and all of the other crazy of our lives. I have found in my years of teaching that there are few things that I cling to. Little items or objects that bring me sanity in the midst of the crazy. I have found three amazing things that I absolutely cannot live without this school year.

An Amazing Mug

I don’t know if I should call this a mug or a water bottle or a little cup of heaven, but trust me when I say – a Yeti is life-changing! I stumbled across the Yeti brand for the first time when I was vacationing this summer in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Apparently it has been around for a while and is quite popular, but I missed it. Yeti cups-mugs-whatever you want to call them are nearly magical. They somehow manage to keep cold drinks cold, and warm drinks warm. How? Nobody knows, but trust me when I say – You need one!

Something that always bothers me about my job is room temperature beverages. I know that it isn’t the end of the world, but I like to drink water throughout the day. Room temperature water is just barely refreshing, and my class schedule doesn’t allow for frequent runs to the water fountain. Naturally my water warms up and becomes far less cool than I prefer. (If you are a coffee drinker, imagine this scenario with coffee rather than water.)

At least that was life until I discovered Yeti. This cute and surprisingly sleek cup-mug keeps my water cold all day. For real! I tested it. At the end of each 8.5 hour work day this summer, my water was still cold. Maybe not ice cold like when it started, but definitely still cold. It’s a life-changer, and definitely something that I cannot live without this school year.

Monthly Calendar

My school is out of control with events, activities, and sports. I have a really hard time keeping track of everything and planning assignments and projects with my daily planner on my computer. (Though I must say, the daily planner is perfect for daily and/or reoccurring tasks.) Also, I am a visual person so I need to see it all laid out. This year I will be utilizing this year pretty, slim, and simple monthly calendar that I found on Amazon. It is pleasant to look at, fits neatly in my school bag, and does the job.

I use the monthly calendar just for the really big stuff – Christmas concert, school play, sports games, special speaker who will interrupt the schedule, assemblies, staff meetings. Anything that could be a scheduling interruption or conflict to my classroom goes on the calendar. I toyed with this idea last year and it made my life so much easier. This year I am committing.

Paper Mate Flair Pens

For all of the reasons that I want my students to mark things in multiple colors of highlighter, I am going to use this huge variety pack of flair pens in my classroom. It will help differentiate thoughts and ideas. It will make certain headings or words stand out on a paper, and it is just plain fun. I bought this beautiful set of 18 ct. pens at BJs this summer and really love them using them on everything. I am especially loving the not-quite-navy blue, berry, and bright pink (made those names up). The gray is also really awesome to use for things that I don’t want to emphasize, like taking notes. These pens are definitely going back to school with me, along with my trusty black Bic Round Stick Medium.

Simple, basic, and useful is kind of how I am rolling this year. The Yeti, monthly calendar, and flair pens definitely help me accomplish this, and they are all pleasant to the eyes. Makes me happy.

What can’t you live without this school year?


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